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Building Intuition

Over the last year I have been testing ideas, building projects, learning and evolving ....  in other words I have been "Building Intuition". Intuition is often referred as if it was some sort of magical skill that only some chosen ones have. For me, that is both wrong and weird. I mean, if we all agree that "practice makes perfect" for any other skill then why would this principle not apply when it comes to intuition? Yes "intuition" may be quite an unclear concept, far less objective than most skills making it tricky for us to train it as a skill. However I think that knowledge and a lot of practice around a certain topic or area is what makes someones "intuition". This is somehow connected to one of my favorite quotes which is as follows: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” by Seneca. And the truth is that, despite luck being part of the equation, I strongly believe that most of what is easily (and often unfairly) referred as luck is in reality: Being prepared to catch the opportunity when it "appears". These last twelve months can be grouped in the following sections: Continue reading