Certified Young Entrepreneur of the Year with Beaunity

Being Beaunity's founder I have the pleasure to let you know that I have been awarded the "Certificate of Young Entrepreneur of the Year" - meaning that Beaunity was amongst the few finalists that were selected from the 200 projects that applied for this year's "National Ideas Competition" (Concurso Nacional de Ideias 2012) organised by ANJE. ANJE (National Young Entrepreneurs Association) is one of the most relevant entrepreneurship associations in the country and being selected amongst so many projects in this nation wide competition is definitely a positive sign for Beaunity!

An Evening with Steve Blank

I've just spent "An Evening with Steve Blank" well ... sort of - I've watched a video of someone who did and it's 23h30,  so it kind of counts I guess. It's a great video where he shares his experience, opinion and views on startups creation and growth with us. Video highlights:
  • "Startup founders are either visionaries or they are alucinating!"
  • "Why Accountants Don't Run Startups" - He starts his presentation with this quote and manages to justify it quite well
  • Difference of a "Startup" and a "Scalable Startup"
Here's the video, enjoy: