Building Intuition

Over the last year I have been testing ideas, building projects, learning and evolving ....  in other words I have been "Building Intuition". Intuition is often referred as if it was some sort of magical skill that only some chosen ones have. For me, that is both wrong and weird. I mean, if we all agree that "practice makes perfect" for any other skill then why would this principle not apply when it comes to intuition? Yes "intuition" may be quite an unclear concept, far less objective than most skills making it tricky for us to train it as a skill. However I think that knowledge and a lot of practice around a certain topic or area is what makes someones "intuition". This is somehow connected to one of my favorite quotes which is as follows: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” by Seneca. And the truth is that, despite luck being part of the equation, I strongly believe that most of what is easily (and often unfairly) referred as luck is in reality: Being prepared to catch the opportunity when it "appears". These last twelve months can be grouped in the following sections:

Startup Pirates

Startup Pirates PortoIt was really (!) an awesome experience ... and the timing was just perfect for me as well. Long story short: great team, mentors and participants - I will not repeat myself here please take a look at my previous post: Startup Pirates.  


uptecUPTEC (The Science and Technology Park of University of Porto) has been incredibly supportive right from the start. With the events, personalized mentoring from Felipe Ávila Da Costa, the workshops at Porto Business School, pre-incubation and now their Acceleration Programme. If you are in the area and are building something reach out for them!  

The projects: Beaunity & StartupScanner (link)

  • Was a finalist in a the “National Ideas Competition” (Concurso Nacional de Ideias 2012) organised by ANJE - more on this here
  • Contacted with national Business Angels
  • Participated and won the 2nd place in the previously mentioned Startup Pirates
  • Currently developing, getting feedback from very early adopters and planning the public launch (link)

  • Description: Startup Scanner is a platform that aims to help all the parts involved in the entrepreneurship ecosystem by centralizing and simplifying the search & discovery process of information about all the involved parts (Startups, Incubators, Accelerators, Investors, etc.).
  • Planned, Programmed and Launched the project
  • Contacted awesome entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world

IES Bootcamp powered by INSEAD

ies bootcamp During this summer I've also participated in the "Social Entrepreneurship bootcamp" organised by the Portuguese Social Entrepreneurship Institute and INSEAD The Business School for the World. The program was brilliant, the mentors awesome and the participants brought in some very relevant causes and problems to be solved. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to "make a difference" with a social entrepreneurship project.   During these last months I have evolved in a lot as a software engineer both as a front-end and a back-end developer, however I believe that one part that young entrepreneurs in the making, like myself, tend to "minimize" is the broadness of the know how that we acquire while doing our best to make our projects move forward and exist. I have learned about topics that I would hardly learn if I would be working as a software developer in any company - amongst many I am referring to: entrepreneurship in general, business model definition, how to create business plan, startup funding, finance, economics, online marketing, etc. All these skills are interconnected and are, imho, a very important for me both as an individual as well as for my professional career. Participating in the local entrepreneurial community has been a great experience for me and I would like to thank you all for these amazing times! It has been great to meet all of you inspiring entrepreneurs from,,,, and the many others which I didn't mention - thank you for sharing your tips, advice and story with me.

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