LeWeb London 2012

These last two days I managed to watch “LeWeb London 2012” live through youtube and I have to admit that I wish I had been there. I’d like to share with you some of the Startups that were the finalists:

  1. www.blippar.com (Winner!) I have to admit that it looks awesome and that the whole augmented reality area is a very interesting one!
  2. verylastroom.com – For booking hotels rooms for “today”.
  3. busyflow.com – Interesting one from Lithuania that helps one to collaborate better using various cloud apps through their platform
  4. hojoki.com – Makes all your cloud apps work as one
  5. nearnote.co.uk РNearNote = Information + Context.

There were other Startup’s there but these are the one I’ve pickt to speak about . Congratulations to all the finalists – remember that you were one of the 16 picked from the more than 600 applicants!¬†LeWeb seems to be an amazing event hosted in europe and I hope that I’ll manage to be present on future editions.

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